Golden Horseshoe is an entertaining musical celebrating West Virginia history, a perfect extracurricular field trip for 8th grade and younger!

Register today for our 3rd Annual Statewide Tour, coming October/November 2017!

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I would sign my students up in an instant if we are given another opportunity to see this wonderful production next school year!

Why should your students attend Golden Horseshoe?

The show was such a positive resource for our students to prepare for the Golden Horseshoe exam. Students are even still recalling the info from the show. The musical played a huge part in our school producing all four Golden Horseshoe winners for Mineral County!
  • Exciting scenes from WV history are told through the vivid imagination of an eighth-grade boy.
  • Students love the music and the fast-paced historical scenes, and they learn too!
  • It is a perfect introduction to WV history for students of any age.
  • It is particularly helpful for 8th graders prepping for the Golden Horseshoe test.
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Use the Google Form below to register your school to attend the 2017 3rd Annual Statewide Tour of Golden Horseshoe.

During this step, you will provide an estimate of the total number attending. For the Blocks system, we will round that number up to the nearest 10.


When we receive your registration, we'll tentatively set a date and time for your attendance. We'll invoice your 20% deposit, and you'll be reserved when we receive your deposit!

For Blocks, we will divide your rounded attendance into blocks of 50 & 10. For example, if your number is 80, that's 1 block of 50 and 3 blocks of 10. Blocks of 50 are only $225 and blocks of 10 are only $50, a savings of up to 25% over previous tours!


During September, we will finalize all dates and times, and you will pay the balance on your account. We know some school systems have rules about when you can pay. We will work with you!

During confirmation, we can adjust your Blocks to accommodate your school's final numbers. Your final payment will be the adjusted Blocks cost less your original deposit.


Bring your students and chaperones to your venue on your confirmed date and time. Enjoy Golden Horseshoe!

If you have Blocks totaling 80 and you have 76 attending, feel free to bring along 4 additional parents or chaperones (or anyone you want!) at no additional cost!


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