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Golden Horseshoe — the Musical

West Virginia supported me when I won the gold medal. Show your pride in our great state by supporting Golden Horseshoe, the musical.... P.S. They mention ME in the show too!

Mary Lou Retton
gold medalist, 1984 Olympics

Celebrate West Virginia!

Golden Horseshoe is a musical that celebrates West Virginia. It's about a father helping his son study for the Golden Horseshoe test while coping with the recent death of his own father. The story unfolds in historical (and musical!) scenes in his son's imagination, as we meet John Brown, Stonewall Jackson, and many more. The show is educational and historical, funny and touching, entertaining and uplifting.

Golden Horseshoe is performed with full sets and costumes, delightful and engaging for school and public audiences alike. The short trailer, as well as the images below, offer a glimpse of the October 2013 production.